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Welcome Nikka Holt

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Nikka Holt is our newest Pilates Instructor who is joining our team on the 14th of November 2018.

Nikka’s class will commence on Wednesday nights at 5:15-6:15pm and expand upon demand, which no doubt will happen quickly. The new High Intensity Circuit Pilates class is an exciting workout for anyone wanting to get fitter, leaner & stronger.
The pilates workout will involve cardio aspects to make you sweat, whilst toning the body with controlled and strengthening movements. There will be stations set up around the room, each focusing on a different muscle group that you will work your way through – throughout the duration of the class so you’re body is getting an overall workout.

About Nikka:

Nikka has been dancing since she was 3 years old and as a kid was always very passionate about health and fitness. Her after school activities ranged from running, swimming, triathlons, Taekwondo, dancing, surf living saving, just to name a few.

After finishing gear 12 Nikka went onto to complete 2 years of intense full time dance training at Jason Coleman’s Ministry of Dance; where she received her diploma in Elite Dance Performance and Cert IV in dance teaching & management.
After this Nikka went into complete my Cert IV in Pilates and has been working as a dance teacher, Pilates teacher and model for the last couple of years.
Nikka also work at Lululemon in Sorrento – and with her work on community charity events has helped others achieve their dreams.
She is very passionate about the power of the mind and making goals into a reality and feels so lucky that all of her jobs allow her the opportunity to help others be their best, through health and fitness.

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