Kirsten Jorgensen

Kirsten’s interest in movement began with training in Classical Vocal Music. Here she learned the importance of breathing, posture and anatomy. Later through injury which prevented her from running, she discovered pilates as a way of providing a full body workout with a focus on similar principals studied in vocal music. Through practicing Pilates Kirsten gained greater body awareness and improved functional movement. The improvements in strength flexibility and posture inspired her to become a Pilates instructor.

After completing a Certificate IV in Pilates Instruction she gained extensive experience in rehabilitation from working with the Accident, Sports and Spinal Physiotherapy and the dance clinic in Collins St Melbourne. And most recently gained her advanced diploma in Pilates. After 9 years of teaching Kirsten still enjoys challenging healthy fit clients and also working to assist clients to move without pain.

“Pilates has enabled me to learn so much about my own body and l am passionate in teaching my clients how to maximise their full potential using their own body”

chris meyerKirsten Jorgensen