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NST Neurostructural Integration Technique is considered by health authorities internationally to be a premier hands on technique in spinal and structural therapy for lasting pain removal and integration.

Using highly specialised soft tissue manipulation. NST is able to reset the bodies muscle tension system, causing safe natural Auto Regulation to occur. Within the spinal column and it’s structures, thereby rapidly eliminating pain and symptoms while restoring posture and vitality to the client .

Typically an NST session induces deep relaxation and often profound results, including TMJ stability and pelvic / coccyx resets. Clinical research suggests 80% of recipients are pain free within 5 sessions.
Safe for all age groups. NST can be performed with clothes on and is a gentle hands on technique that allows the body to restore. Sessions are typically one hour.

About the practitioner

Louise Gray has had 20 years of experience with NST and is happy to be taking appointments at Enhanced Allied Health. Louise has been involved in physical therapy from a young age and has many happy clients .
Louise has Invested in this technique for her clients and regularly attends training.
She has a background in remedial therapy / DIP pilates / Dip Bowen / master  cert in psychosomatic therapy . Cert access consciousness- level 2 reiki / shiatsu /cert flower essence therapy / Hanneman healing Yin yoga and pelvic floor teacher.

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Treatments for conditions such as
Back pain neck pain spinal conditions
Leg knee ankle conditions
Shoulder elbow wrist conditions
TMJ is treated / and appliances for setting available .
Digestive problems
Asthma / respiratory conditions
Chronic fatigue
Infant and child conditions .


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