Kym Mathers – Myotherapist and Clinic Owner Qualification: Myotherapist, Advanced Diploma of Applied Science – Myotherapy, Bachelor of Natural Medicine.

With over 19 years experience as a Myotherapist Kym’s main focus is on her clients overall health and wellbeing. Kym acknowledges everybody is different and requires individual, tailored treatment programs to achieve thier desired outcome/s. Kym's experience in the health care industry allows her to run a professional, caring and reliable clinic boasting modern features for client satisfaction.

Kerry Anderton – Clinic Manager

As a previous customer service professional in the hospitality industry for over 20 years, Kerry brings to our team a high level of experience and professionalism in all aspects of our clinic management. She will warmly greet you upon your arrival, manage your appointment and is available to assist with any enquiries.

Emma Stephens – Myotherapist, Pilates Instructor and Clinic Owner Qualification: Advanced Diploma Myotherapy- Bachelor Health Science – Natural Medicine

Emma has over 19 years experience in the health industry in both business management and development and as a fully qualified therapist/instructor. She brings her knowledge and skills of myotherapy, natural medicine, clinical pilates and yoga together when treating her clients; providing an wholistic approach to musculoskeletal care from hands on physical therapy to corrective exercise rehabilitation and wellbeing management advice.

Holly Wignall – Myotherapist Qualification: Advanced Diploma of Applied Science – Myotherapy, Pilates Instructor.

Treatment Specialties: With 10 years of experience; Holly is the master of Deep Soft Tissue Massage for correction, prevention and maintenance of her clients. She is skilled in working through diverse soft tissue problems and uses particular skills such as rib springing when required. Holly enjoys the benefit Dry Needling gives her clients and is very passionate believing in ongoing care for optimal lifestyle.

Alex Cahill – Myotherapist Qualification: Certificate III and IV in Fitness Personal Training, Certificate IV Dip and Advanced Diploma Massage Therapy/Remedial Massage/Myotherapy. Certificate in Kinesio Taping.

Treatment Specialties: Alex has over 4 years experience as a Myotherapist and loves to treat clients with an array of different conditions. Alex particularly excels in treating Cervical and Thoracic tension relating to postural weakness as well as Pelvic, Hip and Lumbar injuries.

Catrina Rochfort – Myotherapist Qualification: Myotherapist, Advanced Diploma of Remedial Massage/Myotherapy.

Treatment Specialties: Catrina dedicates herself to improving pain free Range of Movement of all muscular dysfunction, particularly on the back, neck and shoulders and is most competent in myofascial dry needling and cupping.

Lachlan Gregory – Musculoskeletal Therapist Qualification: Bachelor of Health Science (Musculoskeletal Therapy), Diploma Remedial Massage.

Treatment Specialities: Interest in sports injuries, rehabilitation and general musculoskeletal conditions. Utilises Deep tissue massage, joint mobilisations, dry needling, strapping and postural integration.

Andrea Ramanathan – Myotherapist

Andrea incorporates her excellent knowledge with competent treatment skills to produce lasting results for her clients.

Louise Gray – Remedial Therapist Qualification: Remedial Massage Therapist

Treatment Specialties: Coming Soon

Kirsten Jorgensen – Pilates Instructor

Kirsten’s interest in movement began with training in Classical Vocal Music. Here she learned the importance of breathing, posture and anatomy. Later through injury which prevented her from running, she discovered pilates as a way of providing a full body workout with a focus on similar principals studied in vocal music. Through practicing Pilates Kirsten

Yvette Leg

After moving to Australia from New Zealand in 2011 I became interested in Pilates, particularly rehabilitation and general fitness after constant work on my own injuries. Wanting to help others do the same, I completed my qualifications to become a certified Pilates Instructor through Breathe Education and continue to study in order to become the

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